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In order to better understand our cliental, GrandEssays.com underwent an experimental interview with one of our clients. The result was revealing, as we spoke with a student who’s initial desire was “someone to write my essay cheap.” Through the interview, we learned about our student’s needs from our writing company, and informed him of our own benefits.

Help, write my essay!

Student: “Well, you know I need an essay. I don’t have time to get it done, so I need you to write my essay for me. I’ve never asked someone to work on my paper before, though, so I’m a little nervous.”

GrandEssays.com: “We understand your anxiety – it’s hard to trust your own assignments to others. Just know that we have an outstanding track record, highly educated English-speaking writers and an extremely competent help staff. We aren’t kidding when we say we’re one of the best online writing companies out there.

Student: “That’s great – I have heard you have a good reputation. My friend actually told me about you when I originally needed someone to write my essays.”

GrandEssays.com: “Many of our customers can’t really keep quiet about us, especially if they see a friend suffering academic burnout. A lot of our cliental are actually led to us by word of mouth.”

Student: “That’s pretty great that you have such a good reputation. Your reviews are good to. If I’m going to ask you to write my essay, I need to know you’ll deliver a good product.”

GrandEssays.com: “We understand completely. Really, it’s the same with any service. You expect to get what you paid for.”

Student: “Exactly! Why should I pay you for writing service if you won’t do it well? That kind of leads me to my next question, though; when you write my paper, are you going to do that for cheap? I’ve known a lot of companies like yours that take advantage of students like me. They promise to deliver my paper for this small sum, and then start adding on all these charges. Or they have a ridiculous up-front price. Are you sure you can offer to write my essay cheap?”

GrandEssays.com: “Of course. We sometimes even lower prices if you can’t afford our original prices. We’ll honestly do whatever it takes to satisfy the needs of the customer.”

Student: “So, is there any chance you’d write my essay for free, then?”

GrandEssays.com: (laughter) “I’m not sure if we’re allowed to do that. You’ll have to ask the higher ups – let me get you their number!”

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"Thank you very much guys! I was sick and couldn't write my school report myself. The paper I received was of advanced level, so I had to adjust it. But thank you anyways…"
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