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Writing a Dissertation

You have been writing all these years so do not panic. Writing a dissertation is like any other previous writing you have done, the only difference is that the dissertation is lengthy and formal document in nature. This should not stutter you, when you start writing divided the paper in different sections. After the division you will know the order of writing. Sort all of your rough drafts and articles according to the different sections of your paper, and keep sorting until you have the whole mess sorted out. At that point, you can begin to work on each section individually. Try to write individual papers on each section. Don’t put them together in one document until you have each section the way you want it.

Make yourself a proper writing time schedule that dedicates a certain period of time to a certain area considering the amount writing to be done in the area and follow it with a lot of discipline and stay committed to your schedule at all costs for it to work effectively. You should then let everyone know your schedule. This will help you reduce interference during your writing time and increase the level concentration on you will have your paper.

To produce a good paper do not try working will your fatigued, rest as you normally do and dedicate any extra hours that are not your rest time to writing a dissertation. Do not write continuously have breaks in between your writing process, but make sure you have written down all the flowing points in the area before breaking to avoid. When you break while your points are flowing you will forget or mix them up on your break period.

Do not plagiarize when writing a dissertation. Write down a passage word-for-word, then put it in quotation marks in your notes and put down the page number immediately afterwards so you can cite it in your paper. Never try to sit down and write a section of a paper directly using highlighted passages taken from different texts. Try to put the passages into your own words first. You are expected to reference resources in your writing, therefore, do not forget the in text or footnote referencing. But pay attention not to overuse citations. You should understand that the readers should mainly see your own ideas and thoughts in your essay so giving other people too much credit does not portray your paper as you wish.

When writing define the problem that motivated the research, tell the reader why that problem is important, tell them what others have done, do not forget to describe the new contribution and finally document the experiments that validate the contribution, drawing conclusions.

A proper dissertation must have substantial knowledge. It also carefully separates cause-effect relationships from simple statistical correlations. Consider this when you start writing a dissertation. Base the writing on the topic you have selected, while writing support you topic as much as possible using strong defensive language and jargons to show you a familiar with the field. As important as this is, try to be careful with different jargons make a point check the use of language.

Write each sentence should have a certain structure and all its components should be logically connected. Your paragraphs should be well developed and relevant to your topic with appropriate transition sentences, so look to insert transitional words.

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